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March 01, 2007


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Now you must be a very busy woman! Great photos.
Best wishes

Maureen aka Mo aka Mozilla aka grandmother

Ohhhh TEARS!! Little Carrots. What a force this tiny-wristed girlie is - I think of her influence since she has been born: how she would not/did not succumb in the NICU; how we all cheered her on when the going was so tough at one month of age; of her coping through painful neck physio; how she generally eats more than her triplet siblings; how, of the three triplets, is the one who most often tells me on the phone in a breathy voice, "I love you, Mo"; how she won the backyard Obstacle Course in the Okanagan last summer when, with intense joy and concentration on her face, she ran the fastest through the maze; how she can cut you down to size with one glare and how she can melt your heart with the flip side of that glare; how her Daddy stated - when she was fairly new at home from the hospital - as to how bright she was inspite of being so tiny; how quietly intense she can be.... oh Carys, you are a tour de force who reminds me quite a bit of your mother who, when very young, quietly went about her business and did exactly what she had planned and was so successful at it due to the 'quietness of the planning!'. We love you immensely.

From your Mo xox

Grandad Blake AKA Dad

Carys was the best backseat driver yet and let's remember we have had a whack of excellent back seat drivers over the past 39 years and 5 months. Give her time and that little gift of a girl will dazzle you.

Love, Grandad Blake


To all interested moms out there:

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To access this survey, go to http://www.iupui.edu/~momviews/


Her hair sounds like E's. I am glad that you have such a wonderful group.

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