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March 26, 2007


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Herro, what meant by spatura was Aunt Jemima treatment! We can have lot fun in my frying pan bed.


I wish you could conference me in, so that I could put Pervy Peter in his place. It would be so much fun!



And may be pervy, but he is wise to consider that a woman would want things to happen in the kitchen.

Where it was lost in translation, is that we'd like our meals cooked for us, and then to have the kitchen left spotless, with a glaring shine coming off the appliances and floors.

Well, that is what I would like.



Oh, no caller ID available over there?


ummmm...who wrote in as "peter"... hopefully it was just a joke or I'd have charles cancel that trip.... did I ever tell you about the time Matt T prank called me at the office... it wasn't anywhere near Pervy Pete...but it threw me for one!!! Miss you my friend!! xo lyns


What? Peter didn't want to talk dirty to Charles? What was wrong with the man?



My spatula doesn't bring all the boys to the yard. I can't say that I've ever had a Pervy Pete.

Although there was this one time a Spanish guy called my office, but since no hablo espanol - I don't know if Pervy Pedro was talking about espátula.

But you know, Tessie - you ARE smokin' hot. So I can't blame the guy.....

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