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April 02, 2007


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my condolences. two weeks? thank the high ones for grandmas.

and boxes are fantastic toys, aren't they? they can play in them. you don't care if they get destroyed, and when they start fighting over them it's so easy to break them down and stick them in the recycle bin.

*HugS* you have accomplished so much. you can survive spring break. "i just want to tell you both good luck, we're all counting on you."

Karen and Landon Ritchey


Yet again, you have made me laugh to myself. Your writings almost always make me laugh, unless of course, they are the other ones that make me cry. Whatever emotion you write with, is so effective to the reader...and we 'get' it.
Have a wonderful time with your Mom there. Hopefully she will stay until Christmas!!!

Have a great day! Love you!

Mo aka Mum aka Maureen Lyons aka M

Hi darling - only two more sleeps and then "I'm leaving on the jet plane...." Can't wait! Hang on :-)

Much love to all,
M xox


Ouch!!! Sounds completely horrible. Where is that granny???


Dad aka Grandad Blake

Cadboard boxes can be interesting. Whatever happened to the game where two sisters would convince their brother that he was an invincible deity ,cram him inti a cardboard box then send him whizzing down the basemant stairs??

Love Dad


bwhahahahaha, frugal blake!

more stories, more stories :)!


swiper no swiping!
swiper no swiping!
swiper no! swiping...

: (

now they need wiping.

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