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April 04, 2007


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day three is just begun for us. hopefully our day three will be better than our day two (yoda has a sarcoma, zali has a fever). it's looking better anyway. at least zali no longer has a fever.

Mo aka Mum aka Maureen Lyons aka M

This is an encouragement, Tess, from Mo and Gran. We too are sitting looking at rain fall outside for the zillioneth day in a row - I exaggerate, there was one day of sunshine - and we think you are doing "a noble job" - Gran's words. She wants to know when the "holidays" are over?! Mo is just heading to the airport - keep counting down those hours! See you SOON!

Much love, Gran and Mo xox


Tess! i'm excited for you. having your MOm come over....please hug eachother for me. i second your Grans words "you ARE doing a noble job"
rainy here too, cyclone just missed us and tsunami warning was 2 days ago...i can also say there has never been any -40c days since we've moved here! enjoy your time with you Mom.


At least they aren't sick.
But remember, in fifteen years when they are running around with their friends and don't want to be seen with you, today was nice.

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