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April 23, 2007


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kids are born with built in comic relief. which means that it's funny to everyone else. at least he was honest.


Ohh Tess, That makes me giggle, Living in the same building as you but having ONLY 1 3year old I can see the little JJ sayng just that. Tallinn did wake up this morning saying whhhhooooorrr mum look at my big one! I'm just waiting to hear what little girls say. xxxxxxxx Tara

Louise M

Thanks for the laugh, I can just picture him standing there...


Okay, that is too funny.


Grannies are lovely people! Sometimes I think I would rather be the granny than the mum. Just love and spoiling plus kids in small doses! You are so blessed with your 4 kids. I want another!
Mel, SA


Very good!
I really enjoyed mums guest post! Perhaps its time for her own blog?

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