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April 30, 2007


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*sigh* i know all about above average in laziness (and it's only gonna get worse with sagan unable to walk at the moment). after meeting with teachers their main comment is that he's *so slow*! yeah. and then there's el. the doctor thinks he needs more tummy time because he can't lift his head up yet. i know he can lift his head up, but he has already figured out he doesn't need to because someone will do it for him.

unfortunately i have no idea how to cure laziness. i haven't found out how to fix myself, and i haven't found a reliable motivator for the short people. do post if you figure it out.


Too bad there's not an instant cure for laziness (or at least something you can say that is always a motivating factor). It sounds like your trio is doing well (especially since you know that Jasper is well above the 27% if he would actually try).


But, saying you can't and not trying is the same as not being able to. What happens in upper grades when a test comes, and he says 'I can't'? He'll still fail.

But it does seem a little early to be pushing him.


There are times when Noah does the same thing...he'll say "I can't" when I know very well he can b/c he does it ALL the time. We had to go to a "Parent/teacher" confrence for his preschool... and they were saying all this stuff that he's not doing yet... and im sitting there saying "you've got him all wrong...he's doing all this at home all the time!!!" Its a shame that they don't belive you or look at his age etc and take that into consideration... I also realized that not all "tests" are objective... maybe he really didn't want to be forced to draw a circle... maybe he felt like he was on stage and hated it... can't blame him... still its frustrating... im with ya... but GO SELA and CARYS!!!!! xo lyns


Hooray for Carys and Sela!! Those scores are terrific - what great progress they have made. I have to chuckle at Jasper's refusal to cooperate. It's very frustrating for all of you, but surely he's not the first toddler they've had trouble testing???! Is there any possibility of scheduling a repeat of the tests, perhaps at a home visit where he would be more comfortable? Sure, a little therapy won't do him any harm, but it would be helpful to get an assessment that you feel is more accurate.
My sympathies, and best wishes,

Louise M

Maybe he didn't want to draw a circle, but if it was phrased differently, such as "Jasper, do you like _____ (insert any round object in here that he is interested in)? Can you draw me a _____? (round object inserted above)" he might actually draw it...


That is SO boy though. Boys are just like that sometimes. Living in la la land.

WAKE UP JAY!! (ala wake up jeff)

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