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April 19, 2007


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Awww...it's just not the same without her homies there!


there are no people here.

I wonder what the four across the street would do if any of them were ever alone


awwwwwww, that's so sweet.



Lori in YK

Hi Tess...it has certainly been awhile since I have responded to your blog. I have had much reading to catch up!!

When you grow up around chaos you would think that experiencing some alone time would be a joy...but I remember very well when my daughter went on holidays with my parents ...by the middle my son boldly stated that he did not like not having his sister around to ..of all things...BUG!

I myself am gleeful when I get any ME time...but I will admit that when the kids are not around things just are not the same!

Maybe when she gets older Carys will hold a much different opinion of there being "no people in the house"! HAHA

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