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May 25, 2007


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Happy anniversary Tessie.Sorry about Kai Tak.

Love, Dad


that's some heart-stopping video. while i'm sure you miss it, the pilots don't. except for the chance to earn bragging rights. but i am glad you made that stomach-lurching landing ten years ago. happy anniversary!

Les Jacobs

Hi, I saw your site listed on the TripletConnection forum. It's great to read a blog by an expat.

I grew up an expat. Lived in Florence, Rome, Vienna, Frankfurt, New Delhi, Taipei and Singapore. I've visited Hong Kong several times and loved it.

Then I went back to Chicago, met my wife, who's Japanese, and we settled down in New Jersey. She gave birth to triplets 2 1/2 yrs. ago.

Just wanted to say hi.

Les Jacobs

Sorry, forgot to comment on the closing of Kai Tak airport. I landed there every time I visited Hong Kong. Once it was very touch and go, in the middle of a storm. Scary!

Sorry to hear it closed. One thing I remember is that it was easy to get to downtown HK from Kai Tak. How is it from the new airport?

 Mo aka grandmother aka Maureen aka Mum

Happy Happy 10 years in Hong Kong, darling. It makes me so happy and thankful to see you very content in Hong Kong and with all that has transpired in your life. Celebration time!

Much love, M xox


ya know, now i've got that rent song stuck in my head...

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