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May 22, 2007


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Grandad Blake "the Tummy Eagle"

HELLO!! What mother and grandmother insisted we take four little angels to Phuket (pronounced POOKET)?. What mother and grandmother suppressed laughter but grinned when Spider Man aka Jasper tried to turn the swimming pool into Golden Pond? What language uses the term "piscine" for swimming pool? (there were a few signs in French). The facts are becoming obvious. The actions of the mother and grandmother have caused four little angels to think that unorthodox grunties and tinkle behaviour is acceptable. The solution is obvious. Send them to me. You know my motto - a place for everything and everything in its place.
Love to all,
The Tummy Eagle ps: I did stop short of saying, "Naughty Mummy"!!


In her basket? At least she put it someplace.

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