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May 15, 2007


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all kids wander off in search of someone new and exciting, but it is irritating when parents don't come looking for their little scamp. can you ask them where their mummy is and suggest they go ask mummy to throw them in the pool? kids won't take any offense at this, and you may get lucky and have one actually do it.

other than having your usual magnetism affect the phuket kid set, it sounds like a fun time. no, not a real vacation (it's impossible to have a real vacation with kids) but a nice break anyway. and i hope you manage to fit in at least a few pages of that vanity fair.


Ack, I hate disappointing kids, I would maybe offer to do it once for the littlest kids and then explain that you are too busy with your own crowd to comply further.

Or just start with "I'm sorry, this is special family time for us." But -- ick. Those other parents are really incredibly rude and mean.


Maybe a "I bet your mommy would love to play with you as well!" said very enthusiastically would get them to go to their parents for entertainment?


Yeah, ditto. The strangers can get one or two swings, then tell them you're getting tired, and they should go ask their own parents or sitters to play with them. It's hard to do, but it's better to set some boundary rules, for your own sake and for theirs.

Well done on teaching the kids to get their faces wet. I have one daughter age 7 who still is not comfortable getting her face and ears wet, and she's making no progress in swim lessons, repeating level 1 for about the 8th time. I wish we'd done more of that when they were 3 or 4 years old.

It sounds like you're having a terrific vacation. Take a million pictures! Best wishes,

lynn m jacobs

hey doll! i agree, i would be disgruntled too. maybe a gentle suggestion to the other kiddies to ask their own parents to come into the pool? if it gets bad enough, you are within your rights to locate said parents and say, ' i notice johnny loves to be thrown into the water, you might have a future olympic swimmer on your hands!' this should serve as a nice way of prodding them into opening their eyes a bit. whatever you decide, you're right that this is about you, mag and your kids. i guess you're such a great mom you attract other peoples kids too! ( and your own kids will remember this and lovetyou more for it when they're older, it will make them proud of you that other kids love you too).. xxoo lynn


I agree re: telling them (nicely) to go find their own mums & dads for a toss in the pool. Not only is that inconsiderate, but who leaves their kid unattended by a POOL? That's just irresponsible.


I agree with lynn that your kids will love having the fun parents. I also think that I have been at the pool with these MIA parents.


The MIA parents are *everywhere.*

I'd tell the kids to find their own parents in a sickly-sweet voice.

Been there, done that, don't be the free babysitter!

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