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May 30, 2007


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Patrick Kitchen

What I believe is that every child in the world deserves the same level of concern that this child is receiving. The world view is changed by such an incredible response to a single problem. If it has no other effect than to cause more unified responses to issues of the day that need to be addressed then we have evolved.

Amber alert in US and Canada had a profound effect in a small way albeit. It saw agencies collaborating, street level people observing and conversing about missing children and I'm sure it caused parents to maybe focus a little more on their precious "pieces".


Great thoughts, Tess. I have thought so much of the same as your email responses, and yes, it bothers me--- but I cannot imagine the pain and heartache her parents are going through.
And you are right about endangering the lives of children, without meaning to. I nanny for six, and it might be safer for us to just never go to the park. Because my eyes could miss one for one split second... but what way is that to live? I'll keep on trusting my instincts and praying.

Les Jacobs

I'm in agreement w/ you on all counts. Once, when I was 12 and was left in charge of my baby sister, she began crying. My brothers and I figured out it was an ear ache and knew a remedy for it (one my father had used on us): pour a drop or two of warm oil in the ear.

So we put some oil in a pan and started to heat it up. I was the oldest there that night and was of the opinion that the oil should be boiling hot. My younger bros didn't agree, but didn't raise any objections. (I held considerably sway.)

So we kept heating it up and watching for it to boil. It suddenly caught fire. It was at that moment I realized it could have seriously hurt (probably killed) my baby sister, had we actually poured it into her ear.

Thank God it caught fire! (We put it out easily, btw.)

This is one of many, many mistakes I've made. Yes, leaving your kid alone when you go out is wrong, and I would never do such a thing. But, like the example above, I've done worse.


It's actually incredible that people are actually blaming the parents more than the abductors. Yes, leaving children unattended is wrong, but kidnapping is billion times worse and that should be the focus of all that is to blame.


I feel that most people are critical because the McCanns are using the publicity machine to help find Maddy, when other parents just go home and crawl into a sad hole once the initial publicity dies down. They have the know how, and are, correctly in my opinion, using it to their best advantage. Would you give your all to find your child? These people are, and you cannot fault that!

I just hope she is returned soon.


I don't blame the parents, they are rightfully doing whatever it takes to rescue Madeleine. As a mother, particularly as a mother that has left her toddler sleeping in her room while lounging at the poolside, I cannot blame them at all.

But I do think that the media and all that rich people giving money to her cause are very, very hyphocrital (spelling?). If the money is not spent in rescuing Madeleine, will they target it to other missing children causes? even children not so cute and blonde and caucasian? If they do, I'll be happyly surprised.

I feel sad for Madeleine's parents and siblings, but even more sad for those other parents of missing children thinking 'if only we had received that much support, maybe our story would have ended differently'.



When I heard the point raised concerning other missing kids I was quite surprised as this does seem wrong so I had a little look into it and whilst there are lots of children registered missing in the UK for example, they are kids whose family members have abducted them or teenagers who could well have gone off on their own. There is a big difference between these cases and Maddy, who was snatched from the assumed safety of her own bed. I find it awful that people are critical of the level of press - you would do anything to find your baby and I don't blame the family one bit. You do whatever it takes. I also don't believe that because she was left alone that this should become a major focus. Her parents have to face that fact every day and if the worst happens they will never forgive themselves. They must blame themselves already so I don't really think we need to.


Thank you Tess for putting my thoughts into words.

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