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May 05, 2007


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I can see your brother Graeme as Donkey...but Puss in Boots? I'm stymied. Too funny....


I completely believed you. boy, I am a sucker. LOL!

Louise M

too funny, but there's no Sebastion. I am sure he will be most disappointed.


Ha ha! You had me going for a second there.


Ok..so you totally got me. You evil - evil - hilarious woman. I had already started shouting to D, "OMG honey! Tess is in a movie!!....Oh wait...NEVERMIND."



i guess seb got relegated to the status of "uncle" for the film? can i get an autographed (or crayoned) promo photo so i can say "i knew them when...?"


Well, two girls and a boy, and from the girls hair - oh, better not say that.


Hilarious, Tess! Please may I copy your idea, and send a similar message to some of our friends? Ha!

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