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May 27, 2007


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Alphabits and Froot Loops-must be a Toronto thing! I'm with Charles on this one,


Mmmm...alphabits and fruit loops. What a treat! :) And a good biography to make it slightly okay that he brought home alphabits and fruit loops. Who wrote the biography? :)


... and People magazine, and an OPRAH magazine... uh huh?


what is it with guys and crappy breakfast cereal? i sent marshall to the store to buy cereal a couple of weeks ago and he came home with lucky charms. have i *EVER* had lucky charms in this house? no! but there they were. marshall excels at practiced incompetence. he has long been banned from starting a load of laundry or loading the dishwasher. now it seems quick trips to the grocery are out as well (don't even ask what he came home with when i put "broccoli" on the list).

seriously, next time you need state/provenceside shopping, email me a list. really.

Louise M

Next time, maybe he'll bring home the Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, those are delicous. Have to admit that I did buy Fruit Loops for the kids, but they didn't get them all the time, it was a "treat" cereal, same with Corn Pops and Alphabits.

Carrie in Mn

What, no Capn' Crunch or gummi bears?!!

Love ya!

Patrick Kitchen

Solidarity brother. Stick to your guns.


Any cocoa puffs?


Well, I have to admit, I'm a Count Chocula guy myself. Forced to eat the likes of Cheerios & Shreddies as a child - I rebelled once I was on my own & barely survived a session involving an entire box of "The Count" and a coupl eof litres of skim ( low fat, for the obvious health benefits).

Take care, Tess

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