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May 03, 2007


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you have fun with that tape. i won't let my kids have any. well, sagan can if he stays in the kitchen. tape doesn't come off of paper surfaces well. i agree about the boxes, though. i usually come home from sam's with a box and the kids love it. they can play in it, fight over it, and when it's completely destroyed i feel no guilt in chucking it in the recycle bin. wait till they see the boxes that the swing set came in!

Louise M

Wait until they discover that duct tape works better at keeping boxes together, and it comes in pretty colours...


Oooo - pretty colored duct tape. And that doesn't usually come off.
Have they started taping each other yet?


LOL....My 3 year old has a section of hair that is a little shorter than the rest. I think tape comes off much easier than gum. LOL


When I was the triplet's age 9or younger) I distinctly remember stealing some cellotape and putting it in my pushchair. Mum was mortified when she got home and discovered that I had stolen it. Needless to say she pushed me back to the shop and made me give it back with an apology to the shop assistant. So.... obviously I had a fettish for cellotape as well (don't worry - I have grown ou of it!)


scotch tape was the best growing up!

My sister in law was just talking about how it was always in their christmas stockings growing up!

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