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June 23, 2007


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Tess--this reminds me of something that recently happened here where i live in Virginia--we're in a rather rural area about 30 min from a larger city....anyhow, a neighbor called the dept of social services/child protective services on her next door neighbor b/c the kids were 'playing in the street'--the street in this case was a quiet cul-de-sac and they played at the end of it where no traffic came....this person had to be told that "this is why people move to this county, so their kids CAN Play in the street!!!" ie. it's quiet and safe....


It's a miserable person who doesn't hear the squeals of a child as music to their ears. Ear plugs aren't very expensive.



i have to wonder how loud/high pitched these kids are. if mine get too squealy or loud, i'm usually the first person to tell them to quiet down. if their own parents (who have to listen to their squeals all the time) aren't offended, just how loud can they be?


Before I decided where I 'sat' on this issue, I listened to the tape on ABC of the noise and I have to say it was LOUD. All 7 or 8 neighbours (some several doors away) could hear it every evening until 9pm and I have to say I actually felt bad for them. It was much louder than I would of thought...


I can understand both sides, but kids are kids, and in response to her, don't tell me that five dogs are quiet.

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