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June 15, 2007


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*HugS* it's hard now, but seb will likely not remember it the way you do. he'll remember the cut and the stitches. he'll remember that you were there with him, and that he got to watch star wars. he probably won't recall words with as much clarity.

get well kisses for sebbie!


I have a big gash in my forehead from a shelf (during our bathroom remodel two days ago - don't ask); should have gone in for stitches but didn't want the four hour or so wait. So now I'll look like Harry Potter (almost), just need another shelf or two to give it that lightning like look.
Sorry about S - but maybe he will look like Harry too.


oh Tess - how heartbreaking to hear your baby begging you to stop them. Poor Sebastian.

Hugs all around - hope everyone is feeling better this morning.



Oh, how horrible. What a clueless doctor! I am so sorry, and I hope the trauma feels less intense today for both Sebastian and you. Especially you. As knobody said, it sounds like you will remember this for a lot longer than he will! You were very brave, and now it's your turn to receive hugs and comfort.
I hope you never have to go through that again, either the holding-down of a child, or the guilt and feelings of betrayal.
You're a terrific mother!


You should email my mom...she has a story for you...as you know I had three hip surgeries when I was 13 and 14 years old..(No I don't have three hips..but they messsed up on one side and I had to go back!!)... They did not know what was causeing the suddened ungrowth of my hips so I had to undergo all these horrible tests...
One such test involed small needles put in my legs from my ankles to my hips and electricity shot through them at different levels to determine if there was any nerve damage.... I was 12 years old..the doctor was a total jackass and had NO BEDSIDE Manner to speak of... I cried the entire time (you know my tolerance for pain is HIGH) so for this to hurt this much my mom knew that something was not right!!
We left the office and she promised me that I would NEVER have to have the test again...EVER!!!

Flash forward 2 years later... Im 14...they have just messed up a surgery and I have a drop foot and they have to determine if the damage is permenant or not...if there is nerve damage or not... they tell me in Physio one afternoon that I will have to have this SAME test.... Keeping in mind I am a level headed girl I totally shut down...curled up in a ball and wouldn't let anyone touch me... They called the hospital shrink...they had to call my mom from work (I did PT on my own in the afternoons while my mom was at work!!!) They didn't know what was wrong... my mom came in took one look at me and said "what did you say to her?" They told her the conversation and my mom got really worried.... it took them almost a month to convince me that I should do this test...

So...my mom knows full well just how you feel...

all this to say...keep in mind that while you feel like a Judas...you really aren't... Your still a fantaboulous mom and the fact that you kept a cool head through it all really should be the story..esp a three hour wait at QMH and the gawking of lots of others while you waved off the hords from the dvds!!! xo lyns

Dad aka Grandad the Tummy Eagle

Tessie your latest Blog reminded of a wonderful man who promised to take his family to Disneyland and then was unable to do so because of events beyond his control. I believe he has been forgiven as he is still alive but the poor man's right leg was broken last week and that trip further delayed the trip to Disneyland.Ah the poor guy.

Love to all...Dad " the subtle"

Auntie Pammie

I vote that the Dr. gets slapped, what a dick. Tell Stinky that Auntie Pammie is so proud of him for being so brave :-)

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Oh honey, I ache for you. You did so well but of course you feel awful. We all love you - including Sebbie!

M xox


Oh, I'm sorry.

It was the dumb doctor's fault, of course. Saying all done when she wasn't. Ack.

I hope everyone recovers FAST.


When my triplets were three mos. old I had to take them to the eye doctor to make sure they were developing normally. The only way they can do this, apparently, is to force their eyes open and shine a blinding ray of light onto their pupils.

It was my job to bring them in and strap them to the table, then stand by while the doctor did the procedure. They each screamed as if someone had poked them with a white-hot needle.

I felt like I was abetting a torturer, and that I had failed in my duty as a father to protect them.

I feel your pain, Tess. Although I think you had it much worse.



Oh Tess, that sounds just horrific for you all. So sorry that the doctor couldn't be honest and that put you in the Judas position. I'm sure that he won't remember the conversation details though. Give Sebbie a hug from me.

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