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July 01, 2007


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A nice trip down memory lane. Thanks, and happy Canada Day!


that's, um...that's...i think i still like conjunction junction better.


I was looking forward to something about the handover anniversary, we've had it nonstop here today!

Louise M

I remember Schoolhouse Rock, and the Log Driver's Waltz. Only had two channels in Saskatoon, CBC and the French channel, take your pick! My Mom was born and raised in Youbou, BC, a logging town on Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island, so I always liked the Log Driver's Waltz, as my Grandfather had worked in the mill. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


But what of all the Sesame Street songs? Ernie's Rubber Duckie is still my favorite. (both the rubber-duck-duck and put down the duckie)

Auntie Pammie

I remember that one :-)
I also watched my fav: The cat came back.... classic; thanxs Tess and Happy Handover Day!! or at home Canada Day...


Oh, Tess, I only just got that tune out of my head!

Truely Canadian and ditto, one of my faves too. right next to The Beachcombers, not exactly Sat a.m. but CBC North was on the cutting edge with guys like 'old Relic'!

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