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July 09, 2007


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum


I hear you. You remember what it is like to live in a northern Canadian town where as you say, "...i make it sound like friends are parents, but in expat situations, friends really are the family you choose. these are the people we consult about schools, where to shop, vacation, we pool knowledge, experiences, we join together on family holidays to prevent sadness."

I frequently reflect on the joy my good friends here in the north have provided me - they have been family to me as we have no family at all living here with us. I literally thank God for the Karens and Vals and Rubys and many other dear friends in my life!

Love you very much, sweetheart!

M xox

The Tummy Eagle

Hurry over here. Your mother is packing and upacking suitcases, making and amending shopping lists, gazing with dewy eyes yet smiling as she sees pictures of grandchildren.She needs a lot of exposure to the quality quartet ASAP.Must run. she has another photo album to show me.
Love to all...Dad


So where are you off to for your holiday? I can only imagine that it is hard with all your friends heading out of town.

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