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July 14, 2007


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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. date night.......(what's that again?)


Have you seen Ratatouille? Because there's a blonde chef in the kitchen who made me think of MC. What a hoot.

Auntie Pammie

Sounds like a great evening, So looking forward to seeing you in very near future. xo


Smooching in a car in Hong Kong is against security regulations? (or did you just use the word smooch as a euphanism for something else?)


how are you, sweets? i have never seen a bad picture of the two of you!!! Ed and I went out to dinner for our anniversary last week and saw a movie. We talked about Alexi for awhile but then went onto careers and such. I was totally surprised that we were able to talk about other things. Good for you two!!

Sister Mel

Didn't know you were that pretty!
Lucky chap!!!

Sister Mel

Hey, this is the 1st time your blog has accepted my comment. Will now be stalking you.


Love Love Love the date!!! You two are such a gorgeous couple!!!

Hope the lift was fun........


Jamie in Canmore

Great picture of U 2. Sounds like you guys know what you're doing. I tried that & had a very tough time coming up with things to talk about. Must take some practice.


Totally jeaous! It sounds like a great time.

SouthernBell (a.k.a. Christina)

On the last date my husband and I had:
We went to dinner and then he took me to a park with a lake. During some light smooching, we see lights flashing -- busted! The officer told us (with a giggle) that the park was closed but we could contiue whatever it was we were doing. Just what did he think we were doing?!?

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