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July 12, 2007


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Lita is so brave!! 3 years is such along time in a child's life at that age! I would worry would my child resent me leaving her for so long.

Lita can see the big picture optimistically and I am so impressed! Good luck to her!

And I am sorry for you as well, it is hard losing someone you really rely on. Devastating actually.


OH, happy : sad : ?? such a range change. Sorry, to lose a familiy member like that. But I guess you talked so much about Canada that she had to go.


How sad for you and your family. Just a note for Lita, hopefully she will be a live-in nanny because the housing situation here in Calgary is very expensive and hard to find.

Lucy Moran

Oh Tess, I feel so sad for you. And sad that I will not get to see Lita in November. Please wish her all the best from me. I think her level of self sacrifice is amazing. I do truely hope this means she can be with Melissa and De forever, after Canada.
Love Lucy


That is so sad, Tess. I'll be praying the new couple works out well- and the best for Lita and De.


I've met alot of nurses that have come from the Philippines who are doing the same thing here in the states.

I think it takes a great deal of will and self sacrifice to leave your own child and watch someone elses. I'm always amazed.

I'm wishing all of you all the best.


If there's anything that anyone here in Alberta can do to help Lita with the transition to life in Canada, please let us know.


It is an incredible sacrifice that Lita is making...that she has made, for her family. I was talking to a co-worker in the gym the other day and he was telling me about his nanny, who will return to the Ukraine this winter, after 2 years away from her family. She has done it for the money - she earns more in a week here in the US than she AND her husband would earn in a month in the Ukraine. She has been able to send all the money back and they are building a house with it. Amazing. I can not imagine having to make that sort of sacrifice for my family. I'm not sure I could do it.

I hope that the new couple works out for you.

{{{{{hugs}}}} for your loss as well.

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