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August 21, 2007


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Awwww! I can't wait to see the pictures. Tell Seb I think he's such a BIG BOY!

Auntie Pammie

Please pass along to Seb how proud Auntie Pammie is of him, and as Boulder said...what a big boy he is now :-)
...I will be waiting for pics

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother

Oh Sebbie! Such a huge day in your life and I can imagine how proud and excited you are and it is OK to be a bit overwhelmed :-)
I am so proud of you -
Love from,
Mo xox


Sorry, no bones here, need to get those from Seb.


Can't wait ...

Grandad Blake

In the event Sebbie meets any young ladies he should he first consult me as I can render an unbiased opinion as to whether or not they have the necessary attributes to be his friends. His Grandmother would prefer to keep him as her little granson whereas I can provide the developement guidance he needs.
Love to all...Dad.


and? feedback please!!


Oh Seb!! You're growing up so fast!!

*Note to Seb*
When mommy asks how your day went..please say more than just "fine". :)


The suspense is just killing me ...


What a BIG day (for everyone involved!). I pick Kara up from her day 1 in 90 minutes. After the tears this morning (mine, not hers) and the excitement (hers, not mine) I am looking forward to hearing all about the day.

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