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August 24, 2007


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Liking the teacher helps, and he is not opposed to going. Friends will come.

Auntie Pammie

Please tell Sebbie that this Auntie is very proud of him , and that soon he will have LOTs of friends :-)
I will call soon in the next few days xo

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother

(Tess, please read to Seb)

Oh Sebbie, just like Auntie Pammie I am soooo proud of you. Starting a new school is never easy and you are doing a great job of it. Liking the fact that lunch and snacks are the best. I will be phoning you soon, Sebbie -once we are home again - and you can tell me more about Kennedy School.

And remember, Seb - who does Mo love? YOU!!

M xox


Poor Seb, it is hard, isn't it?

I had my hair done on Friday. I asked my hairdresser how her son was doing at school. She says he hates it, he only goes for the sport side of it, and the main reason he hates it? He was in Gr1, and after the first holiday he thought he would be in Gr2. Now he is so disillusioned he doesn't want to go back!

Little kids have such a different view on the world.

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