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August 27, 2007


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Well, it is hard.


It only get worse ...


I can only imagine the pain that you are feeling, knowing that Seb has to go to school and it is the best thing for him long term - but not able to be there to fight his battles / worries for him


right there with ya. only sagan got to skip monday due to sunday's puke-fest.


Another reason I LOVE home schooling:) They DO NOT have to go and they often are not aware of how much they are learning. They are happy, playing with friends at the park, going on field trips and to various fun classes all the time, being kids and soaking it all up like they have always done. Babies and toddlers learn on their own, it doesn't stop there! We never stop learning!

Two of my kids taught themselves to read at age four, the oldest is now writing a trilogy at age 14. AND...get this...they can do it when it works best for them! My oldest is a night owl, and does his best work at 2 AM. Couldn't do that if he went to ordinary school:)

Hopefully Seb will have as few of those days as possible. It is only going to get harder for him! My eight year old gets his work done in about an hour a day and then is free the rest of the day. His older brothers tell him the older he gets, the more work there is. He just BEGS me not to ever send him to public or private! LOL That is SO COOL that Seb didn't have to go and his prayers were answered:) Teehee. I am sure he remembered but was too busy being a superhero which is all any little boy should be:) GOOD FOR HIM!

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