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August 20, 2007


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I cannot wait to come visit the market with you some day. Though I can't say I'll want to linger by the hanging meet or flip flopping fishes.

I'll want to take one each on a series of visits of the fruits which are strangers to us here. Or the ones that we can only get in freeze dried fashion.

Some day.


now iam HK sick... those markets are the best...I remember taking Rick's mom and Amanda through wan chai markets...fun fun fun... what a fun day!! xo lyns


I'm going to be stopping in HK for three days next week for my very first visit to your city. If it's not too much trouble, I would love to hear your suggestions for highlights of the city. I'm sure you have a unique perspective on what to see/do/eat that I won't find in my guidebooks. (Also, any hotel suggestions?)

Sorry if I'm asking a lot, but I do love giving visitors the inside scoop on my city (Seattle). We're both so lucky to love where we live :)


not a problem, liz, just drop me your email address!


I haven't found anything like that out here in the southwestern US. I'm envious of your crowded city stories. It does sound like a nice place to raise kids.

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