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August 28, 2007


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pretty spooky.


Hi Tess,

How funny! I sign up for "the power of prayer" alerts on google web alerts and this just came into my email a moment ago. So, I had to click on it ... Your son is sweetheart. He knows his prayers and he believes in them. That's all it takes, that and a lil' humility and God is always listening. My husband and I know the power of prayer as we've been praying to find a good home since we relocated back to the east coast from Los Angeles. We live on a lake and it is pure tranquility, just as we prayed, literally got down on our knees together, held hands and prayed to the Lord for some help.

God bless you on being a phenomenal mama!

Your new friend through the blogosphere,



Maybe you can get him to pray that he'll have a really good time there.

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother

Can he pick lottery numbers???
I'm using Mom's computer as she has better connections than I do.



Could you get young Seb to pray that my house sells soon? my connection seems to be...ummm...not as good!


God listens to the little ones! Come say hi at my blog sometime.


aha...ask and you shall receive, indeed!

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