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September 02, 2007


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I will pray for you in my absence... I think we need season two of "My Name is Earl" for when Friends dries up! xx




- How sweet is your hubby for that comment!?!?

- Sebastian sounds like a precious little guy.

- "Friends" is the best sitcom EVER!

I commented back to you on my potty issues with Cora.


God bless you Tess. Your children will make this world a better place.



So do Mike and I need to come over and show Seb how to play rugby (we both love touch rugby which is a much more refined version of the game)? Of course NZ is all fired up with rugby and the commencement of the World cup soon.

Anyway, sounds like you are doing a fab job in spite of parenting alone.

Dad aka Granddad Blake

I have been asked by 4 charming youngsters,all of whom live in Hong Kong, as to where Charles is.
Please advise ASAP.

thanks and love to all....Dad


Come read about my romantic date night that the waitress tried to sabotage.


Thanks for the introduction to Watoto. What an enriching experience for Sebastian.


My daughter and I saw the Watoto singers in Manitoba last spring. Wonderful stories, and definitely helps to make us appreciate what er ahve and how to use what we ahve to help others.


"what we have and how to use what we have to help others."

Sorry for ghastly typos

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