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September 11, 2007


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Grandad Blake aka Dad

Can't remember a old sure fire cure for head lice so scratch that idea.

Laff,Laff etc.

Love to all...Dad


there is one absolutely 100% effective preventative/treatment for headlice. and shaving cream probably smells a lot better than that shampoo.

good luck.


A school girl over here won a science prize for discovering that one of the best treatments for head lice is a hair straightener (fries them beautifully)


I don't know about HK, but here it's a very good chance of head lice spread at school within the first few years. Hope it's better there, trying to decontaminate four, plus continually wash everything - oh.

Auntie Pammie

As I was reading this post I started to scratch and itch at imaginary bugs.. I have had patients with head lice and it sticks with you .. Glad to konw that Sebbie is ok.. xoxox


This post brings back fond childhood memories - head in my mother's lap as she yanked hairs out of my head under lamp light.

Why she let me wear such long hair, I'll never know. But it sure was pretty. :)


Ugh, I'm not looking forward to this test of mommyhood.

Karen Ritchey

You have now received the very letter that I had always dreaded too. We had this problem last year at our kids school. It made me crazy and so very itchy. Everything began to look like lice. Thankfully it all passed over and those kids who brought it to school faithfully, did not return this year. Some other school is now getting those dreaded letters. I itch with you, my friend. By the way, my kids didn't get the plague. Thank God!


Having fought the dreaded beasties at home and in the classroom, some advice:
as a teacher-tell them to keep their hat in the sleeve of their coat, and don't trade hats, combs, dress-up clothes with friends (ie no firefighter helmets at the drama centre).
as a mom-I didn't know that the mayo treatment was a preventative (it smothers the lice, but must stay on for an hour under a shower cap-smells like rotting potato salad!), but apparently lice don't like tea tree oil-so we used a tea tree oil based shampoo. Picking them out was brutal, and we were subsequently 'mis-diagnosed' by a zealous V.P. and in frustration went to the doctor who said that lice are very difficult to find.
Good Luck!

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