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October 24, 2007


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Auntie Pammie

love the post today :-)
i will call soon xoxxoo
Auntie P

Dad aka Grandad Blake

I am concerned as to the interpretation your brother would apply to the title " Goodnight Moon" especially when the story comes to an end.

Love to all.....Dad


Hmm. I can't speak to his intentions, but I can speak to the effects of his actions. I'm all for full disclosure and a fact based discussion of how the "misplaced" (oops, I did speak to the intentions!) reader took away from the little private time you and MC have with alone with one another. As well as how it complicated the morning.

Perhaps it is time to have him "help" gather his things before he gets to do something a bit more pleasant in the evening (strategic placement so as to not delay bedtime as a reward for finding/gathering things)?

Personal responsibility is always a good thing to discuss!

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