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October 31, 2007


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That is a great thing to remember - there is tomorrow. When today is _______, don't forget there is tomorrow.

"Enjoy" the kids party.


Sister Mel

We can't all be good snot pickers and seamstresses! Have fun at the party.


Scissors on pizza? Hadn't thought of that one.


What is it about Nigella Lawson that the males all seem to like????

Pleased that today is a better day - and tomorrow will be even better.

Carrie in MN

Think this pizza queen needs to send out out a pizza cutter post haste! Glad you are doing better! Love ya!

Dad aka Grandad Blake

We had autumn as well in Yellowknife on September 21st. The next day it snowed so hello 6 monts of winter.

Love to all...Dad

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