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October 22, 2007


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Roaches? Ugh. Experienced enough to last a lifetime in my college town. You know it is bad when you can HEAR them in your room. Some of them were so big they likely had their own gravitational pull.

Geckos? We have lizards here, and have a lovely teeny-tiny one (probably 2-3 inches including full tail) who seems to live on our garage door, as we see it frequently when we pull up to the house.

We often say aloud what we imagine it is thinking when the bright car headlights shine on it and the garage door goes up. "Earthquake!" "What is UP with the neighbor's lights?" "I have GOT to get a new place."

As you can see, we are easily entertained.

Maureen aka Mo (Grandmother)

Ahhhhhhhhhh. (As you know, I too am a gecko lover :-)

M xox


love the gecko toes! but you will never actually hear the suckers on their toes as they walk because geckos don't have suckers. that's right, they can walk upside down on smooth glass, but they create no suction. it took scientists years to figure out how they did it. van der waals forces. those weak molecular forces that generally get overlooked are what keep geckos above. their toes are covered with tiny hairs that are also covered with tiny hairs that are...you get the idea. the multi-branching of the hairs creates a huge surface area in a small space, which makes the tiny molecular forces really add up. so, no suckers for geckos.

of course, the best reason to have geckos around? they LOVE bugs. tasty, tasty treats for them. i wish we had geckos here large enough to eat the cockroaches. sadly, med geckos don't get that big.


Geckos sound much better than cockroaches indeed. Here and south of us (my dad grew up in Charleston SC USA and has a house there) the roaches grow nearly as big as geckos. Horrible. And even more horrifying now that I know all of these fun facts about roaches. ewwww.

Not sure I will be able to sleep now on our holiday to charleston this year. will tell dad to be sure the exterminator comes the week before I arrive!

Sister Mel

We used to hoover the roaches up and just hope they would tie along with the dust. Geckos are magical, just like sea horses

Sister Mel

Um, that would be die as opposed to tie. (we tried to tie them up but they always got loose)


LOL! Glad it wasn't a roach.
My hubby wants a dog. Ugh! I'm not a dog-in-the-house kinda girl.

dad aka Grandad Blake

One way to solve the tiny poos problem is to fed them cheese monday to saturday then prunes on sunday.

dad aka Granddad Blake

Sory. I forgot the most important message...

Love to all....Dad


Yes, I'm with you on the cute geckos -- it's one of the big pluses of Southeast Asian travel for me. For some reason my latest Bali trip earlier this month was right in the middle of BIG gecko season, and I heard more of them than I ever had before, including one that called outside my window without fail at 6:30 every morning. A gecko alarm clock!

I'm always tempted to smuggle some of the tiny ones back to Japan in my carry-on, but I don't think they'd like the winters here, alas. Maybe global warming will mean the gecko front moves north.

As for cockroaches, don't get me started. My New York apartment was a roach motel, except they kept checking in, and in, and in...

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