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October 06, 2007


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Auntie Pammie

Hey there.. just wondering if your children got the letters I sent them?
You looked waaaay better than J-Lo ( regardless if she is preggers or not).


I'm thinking that she's between 14 & 16 weeks, with 2, and that she's eating everything in sight - see the whole "actress" with a firm body thing, and also that is where she carries her weight on her frame.

I think we all "noticed" her pregnant at about 13 or 14 weeks.

I think she was going to say something around 12 weeks, but because it hadn't been "caught" she kept on going. Then I think they are so used to denying they kept it up to keep a little peace & quiet about it.

It would be interesting to see how far back her nose was fuller to get an idea of the number of weeks.


Never mind JLo, you are GORGEOUS my friend! You looks so hot in those pics. Way sexier than JLo.

(hope she is pg with twins. would be nice for her)



I'm glad the J.Lo rumors are flying, because as a result I got to see your pg belly shots. ;)

You were and continue to be one hot mama. Meooow.


Well, I agree with Tammy on getting to see your photos.

I also think that J.Lo is pregnant with twins (I mean, look at that belly!) but I also think that a fair number of actresses plump up faster than us normals because they stay so super-skinny the rest of the time. I mean, their resting skinny weight is NOT their genetic skinny weight, if that makes sense. So when they stop the 5-hours-daily exercise and the minutely-tracked dietery-intake portions, they revert so fast to their own normal, they look larger than those of us without that kind of discipline (or the financial incentive to pursue it).

But still -- yeah, definitely twins. And definitely ART, but since they've got their reps flat-out lying about the pregnancy, I doubt we'll ever get a confirmation.


Yea, me too on the pics. Not JLo's. Thanks for the historical anatomy lesson.

Dad aka Grandad Blake

Sometimes Mexican food can cause gastro bloating. Just a different opinion.

Love to all ( and JLO) Dad
PS. This message has been approved by my boss.

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