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October 11, 2007


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Dad aka Grandad Blake

Congratulations on becoming a permanent resident but better than that thank you for helping out in the orphanage.I think there is no greater reward than knowing you have helped a young child.Good on you sweetheart.
Love to all....Dad.


Congratulations! And safe journeys -- that sounds like a hard, good bit of work to do.


So now you are a temporary permanent resident? I don't understand about the children - if they are born there why would they need to apply when they turn 11, aren't they citizens? And if not, what country are they citizens of? So confusing.


You are a permanent resident in my heart. xx

Maureen aka Mo (Grandmother)

Tess!!! This is such wonderful news about your helping out at an orphanage - I truly look forward to hearing all about it on your return. And hello to the new HK Permanent Resident :-)
Love you, sweetheart.

M xox


congrats on your new status!

And I will be thinking of you in the orphanages. May God bless you and those you encounter richly--


Tess, congrats on PR! Stay safe in China, ok? And shoot me an email so I can set you up and grant access to my blog. I had to take it private for awhile.


Yes, congrats on PR! I'd like to get it in Japan -- I've lived here and paid hefty taxes for 20 years -- but you need to have "contributed to the national welfare" to do that, and aside from having given birth to more potential citizens (which I haven't done) a journalist at an international company hasn't really done that, in the government's eyes. Never mind that foreigners who coach sports teams can get PR after five years....what, unfair? Of course not!!

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