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November 13, 2007


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Dad aka Grandad Blake

Is it bigger than a bread box????
Love to all...Dad


why not do an art sale? or sell to a gallery? or hire a space and sell it and have Christmas drinks at the same time. or take a pic of each with details and email out. you never know - there is someone out there that will love what you no longer want. cheers, jazz


it would be nice if you go to shanghai also. i am very proud of you sela and i am not cheering for the wrong team.


you would love our biannual book sale. twice a year an entire warehouse of books, movies, records, posters, etc. get sold to the public to benefit the local library. people wait in line for hours before opening day just to be first. it's not an event, it's an adventure. and i won't even mention dime day!


For my sentimental art, I took digital pictures of it for myself and then either gave it away to someone who would love it or sold it. I still have lots of 'surplus' art and am looking to again 'spring clean'. I am thinking of an online ad where you can attach photos - but first I will advertise amongst family to see if anyone is interested. Some art, although I will not hang, I have decided to keep. But I equally decided I can't keep them all....

Good for Sela! Yip-ee! We are at the same stage with the boys...the bladder vs the dreams....

And I am glad to hear Lita is well and her employers are kind. I knew it would work out - they were asking all the right questions of you.



Well, look up there *pointing to top* Lita commented!

I must know which team she is routing for and decide which of the three votes I've heard cast thus far I will align with. :)

All of your 8 are great reasons to be pleased. And happily, none really more than another one.

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