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November 15, 2007


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Oh, yes, that feeling of 'oh, I wished I had bitten (off) my tongue!'

You will be fine - just a special hug will sort it out when you first see MC.

Have a great time tonight! Sounds delicious!

Dad aka Grandad Blake

And you thought that I was being frugal when I lectured about long telephone calls. Now you can see the old man was clairvoyant.I sense your apology and accept it.
Love to all....Dad.


Too bad you are a half day ahead since as I write this a) DYC has arrived and is hopefully asleep while b) the kids are also asleep and c) your frock and nails have carried you away to spend a nice evening with younger bro' and by the time I get back to sleep tonight, all this will be behind you. Hope your day went well and did, in fact improve. I think there must be something wrong witht the moon. Had an interesting day at this end of the globe as well. Hugs and kisses to all, Love Auntie Carolyn


I'll heat up and cuddle your cold shoulders any day!

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