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November 28, 2007


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Dad aka Granddad Blake

Hello Tessie-Woo. I showed your blog to a friend of mine who lives at the old Arctic Red River post. His questions to me were:
1) What is a litre? 2 What is a toilet?

Love to all.....Dad


*HAHA* I love this post!

Our thrones always go without a flushing after a night-time pee. Ours flushes so hard that it'll wake up the neighbors. Well that is if we actually had neighbors.

I also prefer to conserve water by peeing in the shower. Like killing two birds with one stone, the way I see it... :P



I think I was reading Popular Science when I read about a way to save water with a special system that collects the waste water from your sink and then disinfects it and puts it your toilet. It's a pretty good idea if you ask me.


Louise M

We have three toilets in our house, just converted our downstairs one to a dual low flow (use a little of the tank for a wee, use the whole tank for a poo), will be doing the other two early next year. I admit, I use the same "if it's yellow" saying when we are the only ones home, but quickly flush all toilets when company comes over. I always flush a public toilet. It might be time for Sebastion to understand (if he is already into recycling) about how precious our water supply really is and will jump on the "yellow/mellow" bandwagon at home.


I loved that movie! Now, I'm with Demi in that i won't waste the flush on a wrapper, but I do when I use the toilet- was taught that that's polite.


Yep, sounds familiar. I grew up in a house with a septic system during a drought, and we were under strict instructions, especially as kids, NOT to flush unless really needed. Took my mother a while to untrain us after it started raining again.

I'm sure you know this, but supposedly you can reduce the amount of water your tank uses by putting a brick or another object into the tank. I was using an empty liter bottle filled with water....but then there was an earthquake that knocked the bottle on its side, preventing the toilet from flushing at all. Very embarrassing when the repairman pulled it out, especially since I'd forgotten it was in there.


Difficult to explain the differences to a little one, but he is intelligent and will probably then start jumping in with 'why did you' lines instead of 'why not?'

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