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December 31, 2007


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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Hope this one brings as many fun memories as the last! Love to all...xo lyns

Dad aka Grandad Blake

Just put a minus in front of the 13 degrees, subtract 14 hours from the 9:19 PM and you can pretend you came home early in the morning on a realitively warm day in Yellowknife.
Love to all and Happy New Year....Dad


Ugh- no central heat? I am too spoiled-cannot even imagine. Hopefully there's fireplaces for fires or something!


Yes, it will make a difference for Seb. Well done! This is what parenting is all about. It is hard, but you will be glad very soon when your kids know you mean business. They will keep on testing, DO NOT give up. It doesn't get easier for a while, but STAND FIRM! :)

Our 12 year old was told that if he was not nicer to his two younger sibs, and more respectful to us all, he was not going to his hockey tournament in Chilliwack. We explained how that would not be fair to his team, his coaches would not be happy, etc etc. He understood. Yes, yes. Fine.

Within a few hours, he called a younger sib an intolerable name, hit someone and started to lip off to me when I was speaking to him about it. Hmmmm...do you think he went to Chilliwack?? He acted like it did not bother him, but tonight (four days after the fact) he was crying, wondering if his coaches will yell, or kick him off the team. We gently reminded him HE made the choice and had fair warning.

Life lessons. This is what we are here for, to guide. I think you will have less trouble with Seb than we do with our's because I didn't have help from my hubby until recently. I had to do it all on my own. So in a situation like you had, my hubby would have


refused to take Seb home, so I would have had to, except that he also would have

2)refused to stay with the other three OR leave himself. So I would either have to take them all, which is not fair to the others, OR, sit and try and deal with it and know my kids did not believe I would follow through. I tried to get my hubby to take it seriously and nip it in the bud like you guys are. Now he is finally seeing what I meant and is on board and helping me. I pray it is not too late!

Sorry for rambling! You are doing AWESOME!


HAPPY NEW YEAR from florida!!!


Happy New Year from along the road towards Central way.


Happy New Year from Cape Town, SA! :)


I wonder why its so embarassing to discipline our children. We are having a particular problem with my two teen sisters (12/13) and with my 2 year old son, i know i need to be stricter but if i am i get so guilt ridden that i just crack it also doesnt help that the child looks like a cupid and normally imediatly after doing something screemingly naugty will be so darn adorable you just have to laugh - i know i shouldnt though thats a good step itsnt it? well done to you guys nip it in the bud or you will have teen or tween horrors which is far worse!

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