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December 19, 2007


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But did you wrap his presents????


i did not.

if he was in a hurry, he would have wrapped his own presents. if you're smart enough to do a half windsor tie, you're smart enough to wrap presents.

the donations were voluntary. he was just lazy. when there was an empty table he could have wrapped them himself.



toys r us here in the states is a nightmare, at least in our city. the only section i can tolerate is the baby section, because of all the pastels. every other area of the store makes me feel terribly hemmed in.

right you are about tying a windsor tie!!

Dad aka Granddad Blake

I'm so proud!

Love to all......Dad


Might you have applied for a part time wrapping job there?
Love the tape for Christmas idea. You discussed it last year, and it does seem like something the kids would enjoy.

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