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January 22, 2008


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Do you know you can simply put the frozen chicken in the crock pot with the rest of the items and cook? I never wait for it to defrost! And it really doesn't change the cooking time. (Just be wary of sampling the seasoning until things are really hot! or get the sauce sorted and seasoned and then add the frozen chicken after tasting.)

Please post both recipes - is there a big difference in them between the regular and crock pot method? Maybe put the crock pot version up and then tell us in a quick little "note" at the bottom where to adjust for non-crock pot?

I'm hungry now, and it s 10 hours until dinner!


Well done Jasper! Also want recipe pls!!

Auntie Pammie

I would like recipies for both please, the regular way as I had a slow cooker and gave it to Mona. I am once again drooling as I write this,,,
And way to go JJ for eating the evil broccoli
Auntie Pammie


i got tired of z not eating her veggies so i started serving them first. she gets the rest of her meal after she eats the veggies. what is it about kids and veggies? argh!

Dad aka Grandad Blake

Have you told Jasper that George Buh hates broccoli ?
Love to all....dad


I'm jealous. I could NEVER get B to eat broccoli. He would throw it at me.


On the defrost, yes, just put frozen right in. I usually add a half hour or so, but working and all the pot usually gets turned on in the morning before going. If it's frozen or a big roast even the night before. Things get softer and better longer in a crock pot, not burned and dry. I've got one of my pork/cranberry roasts going right now, turned it on last night and the house smelled loverly when I left for work.

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