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January 27, 2008


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Thanks Tess! I was going to ask for the recipe. I luuuuurv my slow cooker. I'm glad Charles found you one. You will have to post the green curry recipe next you know....Nothing beats a one pot meal!! Dump it in, pour a cup of tea and dive into a book...perfectly my style of cooking. XO

Auntie Pammie

what are cooking instructions for those of us who do not own a slow cooker? thanxs doll xoxox

Holly T

Sounds good Tess...I will have to try this. I too have been getting reaquainted with my slow cooker. :)


wait! mc is in o-town and you didn't tell me? i've got stuff! can i meet for lunch one day? how long will he be there?

and, yeah, i've been using the crock pot more and more lately. although, i can't get the kids to eat much from it. i guess i'm a crappy cook no matter what method i use. well, at least i can bake.


I'd like to second a recipe for those of us with no slow cooker! This sounds GREAT! (Especially for use here in Tokyo, where it's finally going about 10 degrees for the first time in 18 days -- there ain't no central heat here, either.)


OK, I have to write to the world that this recipe is absolutely terrific. We've had it tonight and I dare say it will be on the list of "go to" recipes from here on out.


d y caldwell

Hi Tess, just caught up on your blog, was able to cut and paste the adobo chicken, and now in my Recipe Folder. have a bunch of chicken in freezer, not used for Party, will have to try this with new crock-pot. 'bye.


Well written article.

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thanks for the recipe, I love adobo and this one sounds good.. any pic of it?


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