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January 14, 2008


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Dad aka Grandad Blake

Excellent and very timely blog sweetheart. I have asked your mother to commit it to memory.The next time she suggests we take the little nippers to some area outside your building sans adult help I will ask her to recite your blog.
There isn't enough valium or ventalin in Hong Kong to keep me fueled for such an adventure.Keep up the good work!!!
Love to all.....Dad


Oh my- you've got me wondering how I'm going to manage my twins (plus their big brother) once they start walking. I'm glad Sela was safe- how scary for everyone!


oh, so happy we didn't have a group at the same time.


make sure your kids wear a life vest when you go to star ferry.

good luck.

Auntie Pammie

I dont know how you guys do it,, keep up the hard work,,I truly look up to you and Charles :-)
Love Auntie Pammie xoxo

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