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February 11, 2008


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Doesn't sound like much of a vacation. But, can you come by and cater my next party while you are at it?


happy birthday Doug!

and you and charles are stunning, as always.

Lucy Moran

That dress looks amazing on you!

Well done for surviving in style, such a quick trip!

Love Lucy

commando kiddlett

WOW! talk about yummy mummy. :) miss you lots xox


My goodness what a gorgeous dress, Miss Tess!


Sounds like you need a real holiday now! I wish I could see real snow, it has never snowed in Cape Town. (cept high on the mountains)
Your bod looks fab in that dress!


SEXY SEXY!! You are one hot mama, Tessie!


The dress looks gorgeous (and so do you!!). Glad the party went well.

You and MC make a perfectly delicious couple.


That dress is AMAZING!

What a great read. I loved hearing all about this. I know your babies are missing Mummy.

When did you get your hair cut?? Am I missing something?? I guess I am not reading as regularly as I used to or something.

Try the game on my blog, if you get a chance. Because I know you have SO MUCH time on your hands:)

Be fun to send a little gifty to Hong Kong:)


Tess, you were a trooper. Thanks for your help. And hats off to Carolyn, too, for all the advance planning and setup.

We all had a wonderful time and it was GREAT to see you and your gorilla!

Trace in YVR

Late comment, I'm sorry - but you both look fabulous and so full of life and joy. Tess, you set the bar quite high, my friend!! You are looking divine!!!!


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