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February 06, 2008


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Oh no - the worst part might be your return, when they tell you about what a good time they had with granddad, and couldn't you go back for a little while?


Yes, I am also not the type to go away on holiday on my own. I just can't do it. Maybe when they are bigger.

I hope you wont miss them too much and that you will have some fun.



I always miss my kids more than they miss me. It gets easier as they get older, in some ways.

I am glad they did not guilt trip you. When hubby and I had my parents down from Saskatchewan in November and left for Hawai'i, our younger two cried and clung to me! And they are eight and seven!

Have a great time in Toronto!


I hope Frugal Blake did not cry too much - yes, I remember he is your dad!!


Hi Tess,

I have a question for you that is completely unrelated to your post. I really love your daughters' names, especially Carys. My late Granddad was Welsh so it's very close to my heart. I was wondering if you, or maybe if one of your friends/relatives, can tell me how to pronounce it correctly? I know there are many ways people say the name since it's shown up in North America, but I think I remember reading in your blog that your grandfather used to use it in a Welsh expression when you were little, so I figured you'd know the traditional pronunciation. I keep wanting to say KARE-iss, but I think it's actually kah-RISS. Or maybe I'm totally off?

This is driving me crazy so I'd really appreciate the help, haha.


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