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February 26, 2008


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I'm SO GLAD to hear that not only the triplets had a great day - but that MOMMY had a good day too. That's awesome.

FOUR. WOW. That's really incredible.


Delighted to hear that you could all celebrate their birthday this year!! Sounds like a great time. Can't believe that they are four already!


Just wait ten years (yea, wait, right) until fourteen and boyfriends/girlfriends. Oy.


Happy Birthday! Enjoy FOUR!


happy birthday!
how delightful that it felt like a celebration to you, Tess. I'm glad your parents are with you as well.

Lucy Moran

Well done Tess ... I knew you'd get there! I hope you savoured the moment - both for the excellent party preparation and the 4 year endurance ride!

Lots of love,

Lucy Moran

PS are we going to see PICTURES???

Love lucy


Has another year passed already... wasn't it just yesterday that I was looking at pictures from last year's triplet birthday bash??? WOW!!! Go Trio! Go mum and dad!!! That means in 8 short months Keighley will be four as well!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!!! Love you lots and lots...xo lyns

Carrie in MN

Happy Birthday you beautiful kiddos! Good to hear that the day was joyous for you as well Tess. Cant beleive they are 4 already! Smooches & hugs all around!



You are brilliant. not only in your ability to produce such fantastic children from such calcium covered ovaries, but in your ability to write about them. Fore? Genious 'Fore'ever in my opinion. That is what you are to me.

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