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February 24, 2008


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Sister Mel

I LOVE girls and girl friendships. I have just made a new friendship and it is still new and shy but we just click and I am excited as I know this one's a keeper. She sent me text and I was all happy, a bit like a girl crush!

Zoe Ranger

I have 2 friends and when we are together we have the same experience. We have had sales people tell us that it is so refreshing to be with women like us and that we say things with such love even when it is "that looks awful" and there is no malice. They want to know how we are the way we are. Where we met, and are we sisters or cousins or something. I love them like they are my sisters and I am very blessed to have them in my life. And we are very straight with each other about stuff. We don't listen to stories and disempowering conversations. We are up to big things and we interact like we are. Thanks for reminding me of how great they are.


The best friendships are when you can pick up where you left off, no matter how long has passed since you last saw one another!


I think people gravitate toward "friend groups" becouse they may lack in that department or miss their own girl friends. I know im like that but in my case i only have my mom and i cant really talk to her the way you can with a friend. Making friends is really hard especially when you are the only married and "childed" person in your original group of friends - it makes life very difficult.


oh yes! my best friend and I always attract someone asking if we are sisters. my friend always says 'yes, we are!!' and then the inevitable...I thought so...you look just alike...follows.

we do not look alike at all!

I love my girlfriends!


People absolutely gravitate towards THAT! I think it's something everyone is looking for, but very few find.

Friends rock. BFFs? Even better.

Love you


I am positive it is the lesbo kisses I give you.

It is "love actually" with you my sweet friend....

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