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March 21, 2008


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OH NO, Poor Tess! But I must admit I did laugh, as it made me remember the boys asking me if I lost my "pee-pee" in the toilet because it was missing! (The boys vs. girls pee-pees talk came shortly thereafter)

Love ya!


Well, you didn't fall in, did you?


I am assuming of course that HK has very tiny seats. Very tiny.

Dad aka Grandad Blake

I thought you had seen a comedy but it appears when you reached the end things bottomed out.
Love to all....Dad

Auntie Pammie

I must admit I did laugh pretty hard...
Glad the movie went well.. JJ is quite the little man ,, unreal
Love Auntie Pammie xoxo


m and i have said that kids come with their own built in comic relief. perhaps it's one of those built in survival mechanisms, like "cute" and "does not *really* taste good with barbeque sauce."


Very clever mummy getting all off to a movie, I haven't taken my kids forever. You should have taken a pic! (not of your big butt, of those little sweet people.)


i had to laugh, as i have had similar experiences with my daughter. she liked to offer commentary on what it was i was doing in the toilet though.

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