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March 18, 2008


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Well, Happy Birthday! Tommorrow actually because it is still 17 here even though it is 18 there but I guess that means since you are there and it is 18 there it is today. Anyway, I'll sing for you. And make you a blue dinosaur cake. You can also read my magazines, though most of them are either computers or toy trains.


Happy Birthday to you, Tess!


Happy Birthday!

(I seriously need to get busy noting down the other 1970 babies on my blog list. 38 is only four months away for me, too....)


not your b-day yet in sunny Florida, but it will be soon! Happy Birthday, Tess! Love reading your blog and keeping up with your sweet family. I pray you have a great year.


Happy birthday my friend!! I am so glad that you had a wonderful lunch... and a great day! XO XO Lyns

Dad aka Grandad Blake

Sorry sweetheart. Can't stay at the keyboard. Must rush off to see /hear if I got a phone connection with Hong Kong.
Love to all..Especially to any colleen whose middle name is Mauvourneen....Dad


Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like a great birthday!

Jeanne Yasso

Hey Girl,

Happy Birthday! I was thinking about you. I'll let you know how 47 feels tomorrow :o) Bring it on!



happy birthday! a day late and a dollar short. but maybe it's a hong kong dollar, so not as much. anyway, hope it was a good one.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TESS! I would send you a magazine if you wanted one!

Miss you lots!


Happy Birthday Tess!!! I have been keeping up on you and your family from your blog although I don't always post comments. :)


I am way behind on blog reading and just now catching up, but happy (very belated) birthday!

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