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March 13, 2008


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Well, why shouldn't they be holding interesting discussions. They do sound pretty good.

Holly T.

Prayers are with you that things are not serious and it is overcautionary. Enjoy all the fun sayings...get yourself a journal (or maybe you blog is your journal!) and scribble them down right away as Luke says the funniest things that I can't seem to get quite right again after I let a couple days go by.

Auntie Pammie

Why couldnt there have been one of these "pandemics" when we were in school. I swear we would have had to go if there had been a nuclear explosion and the air was raining down radioactive dust on us.... ( just kidding if you read this Mom)...
I love the kids conversation,, unreal!!
Auntie Pammie oxox

Dad aka Grandad Blake

I remember those wonderful days 28 years ago when you,Pam and Graeme got the bad news that schols in Yellowknife would only close when there was a blizzard or when it was minus 50.
Love to all....Dad

Dad aka Grandad Blake

In 1980 we use to spell school as schol during blizzards and minus 50 temperatures. Something to do with the bad spell of weather.

LOve to all....Dad

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