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March 14, 2008


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Dad aka Grandad Blake

I was trying to figure my age in months but a lot of the seniors are out of the complex today so there were not enough fingers and toes to complete the calculation.

Love to all....Dad


Hooray for Sela, Jasper and Carys! Sounds like all three are doing very well, with great potential. What a great milestone!
Wishing you a very happy 456th birthday...


Clearly very clever kittens you have.
Happy birthday, I am also lotsa months soonish. 36 x 12???


so when she is 73 months does that mean she will pass for a 143 month old? I love it!!! Congrats to the trips... and have fun with that extra week off school!! How did your sex talk go? Did you tell all the kids how to do it?? Or did the fact that triplets could happen scare them off?? Hope it went well... xo lyns


Congrats to everyone! And happy birthday, too!

Holly T.

Yeah...glad you are done with all that too :)...sounds a little silly...all the testing.
My kids actually did use scissors early...as soon as they could understand and FOLLOW the rules that went with scissors. I am a scrapbooker...they were born with scissors in their hands or at least within grasp! LOL
Blessings from God overflow here...those three have come a long, long way!
HOlly T


one less appointment to make can't be bad.

now you can fill that time with gymnastics or piano lessons or something equally annoying!


Happy Birthday Tess! Hope you have a wonderful day. Well done to the triplets. More scissor play - are they mad! If you have one child that is tough enough to monitor but four, ahaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Love your assessment of assessments, having just been through interviews to get Daniel into primary I have had it as well. We must, must, must catch up soon. Love Claudine

Louise M

Happy Birthday Tess =:) How cool to have your Birthday on St. Patrick's Day, and your sister's on Valentines. Everybody is celebrating on your birthday. Wonder when your brother's is (or did he get just a regular day...)

Karen Ritchey

Happy Birthday Tess!
I think I will go to Tim Hortons and roll up the rim in honor of your special day!

Hugs and love,
Karen xo

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