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March 27, 2008


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Socks up! (video posting coming?)


I suppose super glue is out of the question....

I can't wait to see pics!

Dad aka Grandad Blake

Good on ya Sebbie. Don't forget to roll with the tackle.

Love to all....Cap'n Ook

Maureen aka Mo (Grandmother)

Way to go, Seb!! Have a wonderful time at the rugby game. I sure wish I could be there to see you :-) Have fun, darling boy.

Love, M xox


How cool is that! Why not wear normal socks underneath the rugby ones and then stitch them together. Hope all goes well. Bummer it is so grey, humid and drizzling.


How cute, pics please!!!!


WoW, Tess, that's amazing! The sevens are a huge deal here for us too but we don't have a personal investment in it! v.v. impressive.

Don't know if you got my email, we are moving to phuket for jun1st. Gerry will be flying with Destination Air. Big move. again. whew. just need to get thru this next few months here, and another few there and then..deep breath!

love kara xx

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