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April 17, 2008


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It does not mean anything. Weight has no weight no beauty. I'm a size 8, and I don't think I'm fat.


The numbers on the clothes don't seem to mean much, do they? What counts is the reaction. Mr. Charles seems to like what he sees, and from the few pictures you post it still looks pretty good.

Dad aka gDad Blake

Please find out who the shriek is.I want to hire them to follow your mother around when you and Mo hit the lanes during our next visit.

Love to alll ....dad( the frugal guy).


I read somewhere recently that they have totally changed sizing in America (and I guess other places), so that what used to be a size 6 is now a bigger size, because there is an influx of smaller sized people. Years ago, there weren't so many size double zeros - the size didn't even exist. So perhaps the CKs are older than the BRs, and if you bought a pair of CKs today, even though they are the exact same physical size, they would be marked differently?

I had a similar problem recently. I owned a pair of Gap jeans in a 10. They were getting a little tight, so I ordered a 12. When you hold the 12s up to the 10s, the 10s are at least two inches wider. I ended up in an 18! and they are only a teensy bit bigger than my 10s. I called the company to complain, only to be told that sizing has changed, too bad. The 10s are only 3 yrs old.

Of course, when I bought my wedding dress the other day, I bought a dress four sizes bigger than my normal (non-Gap) size 14 pants. Apparently wedding dresses run notoriously small - why would they do that? On the day you're supposed to feel prettiest, they want you to feel fat?



Louise M

ahh, that's the reason I immediately cut out the tags when I buy jeans. Then no but me actually knows what size the company called them...

Miss Conception

It took a long time, but I no longer care if the tag says size four or size ten or size twelve. Different companies make different sized clothes. If you feel good, it will show through the size on your jeans.


“Vanity sizing.” That’s what my friend Lee calls those small sizes that now fit bigger. She bought a size 4 dress the other day; she's never been a size 4 in her life!

We bought Emma’s prom dress today. So beautiful she looked. Can’t recall the size.


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